7 Reasons to Choose a Specialised Rug Cleaning Service

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If there is a sole home décor item that binds together the entire furnishings of a home, it has to be the rug or the carpet. Full of intricate weavings, rugs come with an impressive lifespan if they are maintained with care. To preserve their impressive visual appeal, rugs require in-depth cleaning once a year.

Just like making rugs, cleaning it is also an art that not everyone can master. To be able to identify the problem areas, cleaning and drying the carpet, one needs to possess extensive knowledge of different types of carpets, materials, types of weaving, how the materials react to different cleaning substances, and so on. Moreover, the cleaning process must be seamless, so that the colour and the lustre of the rug remain unaffected.

For a task as crucial as this one, the best option would be a specialized rug cleaning service. The experts can carry out the tedious process of rug cleaning in a faster and more efficient manner, as they have the experience and specialized knowledge to back them up.

In case you are planning to send your rug for a cleaning holiday, here are 7 reasons why you should choose a specialized rug cleaner.

1. Make Your Rug Last Long

If you own an expensive rug, it's quite evident that you would want to have it around for a long time. To ensure longevity, it requires neat handling. When you choose a specialist rug cleaner, you can rest assured about the quality of services. Your rug will retain its natural beauty, and last for many years without exhibiting signs of damage or wear and tear.

The carefully woven fibre of the rugs tends to wear out after a few years, because of dry dirt and dust accumulation. The specialized cleaning services are focused on reviving the condition of the rug. With the use of special techniques, they remove the layers of debris covering the fibres of the fabric and make it look clean, polished, and rejuvenated. The areas of the rug with higher foot traffic tend to have darker areas, which are also addressed by professional cleaners. With a deep cleaning approach, the life of your rug gets extended to many more years.

2. No Risk of Colour Bleeding

Rugs need to be handled depending on the material. The same cleaning method that works on one type of fabric, may not work on another. A specialised cleaning service takes care of individual rugs, without subjecting them to a common cleaning technique.

In general, with the exception of wool rugs, carpets should remain in a pH-neutral state. If the pH balance is disrupted, the rug may start bleeding colours, which can eventually tarnish its appearance. To avoid the risk of bleeding, a professional rug cleaner stabilizes the pH balance of the rug, with the help of an acidic or alkaline solution. As a result, the colour of the rug remains as good as new.

3. Effective Stain Removal

When it comes to rugs, effective cleaning is the key. With regular cleaning, the deeply embedded dirt and debris remain trapped within the fibres, while only cleaning the outer surface.

With a premium cleaning service, your rug will not only be handled in a delicate manner but at the same time, the accumulated dirt will be eliminated with great care. Each and every part of your rug will undergo a thorough examination to identify any hidden traces of stains. This method makes it possible to remove stains from the depths of the fabric so that the rug remains beautiful even after prolonged usage.

4. Safe from Dust Mites

When rugs are not well taken care of, they become home to bugs, moths, and dust mites. Regular cleaning at home is not powerful enough to extract these notorious beings.

The good news is a professional cleaner can effectively get rid of any bug infestation and make your rug moth-proof. Experts will inspect every inch of your carpet so that they do not miss out on even a single corner. If you are already aware of the presence of dust mites and bed bugs in your home, it's always a wise choice to choose a high-quality service provider for cleaning your rugs.

5. Free from Allergens

For those suffering from asthma or any allergic conditions, an untidy rug can be huge trouble. Despite regular cleaning and vacuuming, the stubborn allergens stay stuck to the fibres and exacerbate allergy symptoms.

When you opt for specialized rug cleaning, these issues will be addressed by experts. By implementing unique and innovative solutions, they will not only clean your carpet but also make it free from allergens. With proper rug cleaning, the indoor air quality will undergo a significant improvement.

6. Attention to Detail

What sets apart a professional rug cleaning service is the attention to detail. Each piece of rug or carpet is treated separately, and they are exposed to different cleaning techniques, based on their material, weaving and sensitivity.

An expert knows what's best for your rug, and only they can determine if it needs hand-cleaning, machine-cleaning, dry cleaning, or wet cleaning. At the end of the cleaning process, the rugs are dried out with the help of a professional-grade dryer, to prevent any damage or odour. Any average cleaner will not be able to provide such a wide range of individualized services for your precious rugs. So even if it means spending a few extra bucks, a specialized cleaner is the way to go.

7. More Hygienic & Saves Time

Last but never least, choosing a qualified rug cleaner gives you immense peace of mind, saves your valuable time, and it's also a hygienic practice.

You can entrust the professionals to do the job well without worrying about your beloved possession. You won't have to spend hours after hours trying to clean and dry the carpets at home because a specialized service includes everything. At the same time, the rug will be free from germs and will create a safer and cleaner environment in your home where your children and pets can play around happily.

Final Thoughts

To maintain the aesthetic charm of your rug and prolong its longevity, the ideal solution is a specialized rug cleaning service. Premium services come with a higher price tag, but when your family's safety and the rug's beauty are at stake, investing a few bucks more can save you some serious trouble.

Rugs need deep cleaning annually, so it's definitely not an everyday affair. But that once-a-year event can make or break the rug situation in your house, so you must choose a service provider that truly has the knowledge of rug cleaning at their fingertips. When you're choosing a company, do not forget to make sure that they're using environment-friendly cleaning methods.

If you're in search of an expert rug cleaner in Dublin, RugSpa is your best choice. Here each rug undergoes an 8-step cleaning process, supervised by industry experts. Besides specialized cleaning, there is provision for free pick-up and drop. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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