Nain, Iran

Nain, Iran


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Nain, Iran
133cm x 87cm
97% Wool Pile on Cotton, with Mercerised Cotton highlights.
Approx. 200,000 knots per square meter.
Approx. date: 2000’s

1 in stock



A small cream field packed with coiled, meandering floral patterns populates the main field of this rug. Natural soft browns and creams dominate most this piece, however, it is in the beautiful, popping sky and royal blue accents, that appear in various floral motifs throughout this rug’s composition, that make it such a charming item. The central medallion features 6 concentric arabesque motifs that radiate the eye outwards from the centre. And one must note how this compositional sweep is compounded by a progressive change of colour intensity from the royal blues within the medallion, to the more delicate sky blues around the edges of the main field. Finally, this piece is framed within three narrow light brown bands, the largest of which shows a repeated floral motif which again highlights the weaver’s confident experimental application of multiple blue hues within this one fine rug.

When produced to the highest specifications, Nain rugs are considered some of the best rugs in the world. Interestingly, Nain is a relatively new rug making town (large scale rug production only started in the early twentieth century) so why does command such international esteem? Reasons include, and are not limited to, their richly detailed compositions that effortlessly blend organic floral motifs with bold geometric patterning are very pleasing to the eye; the employment of the highest quality wools, and often-times silk, to construct their rug’s pile; and the phenomenally high knot density that sometimes can extend above one million knots per square meter.

It is easy to see how the name Nain evokes a sense of prestige and majesty.

The Nain we have on offer may have been crafted by a practicing junior weaver, suggested by its modest size and knot count. Although it cannot claim to be of palace-grade quality, such as the items described above, it remains a well-made, attractive item that shares a proud common lineage and ancestry. Who knows what this speculated junior weaver could be able to execute in years to come? Loaded with a rich contextual history this rug could integrate beautifully into any well-designed home and serve to satisfy an array of practical or decorative functions.

This Iranian Nain remains in a great condition, with no pile damage, visible scaring or stains. The fringes are also in near-pristine condition. There is limited sign of previous ownership. If you would like to know anything more about this attractive little piece do not hesitate to contact any of our team at, and we hall endeavour to answer your questions.

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